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Alica May

Alica May

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About the author: Alica May is Global Community Program Manager at Elsevier and is on the management team for the Reaxys PhD Prize, the prestigious global award that recognizes accomplished young chemists for innovative and rigorous research. In this role, Alica is responsible for developing global awareness programs to promote the competition and supporting engagement strategies for the Reaxys Prize Club. Her focus is also on communicating the competitive advantages of Elsevier solutions to chemistry researchers worldwide. With a background in microbiology, her professional experience spans community engagement and advocacy in the not-for-profit sector, academic publishing, and research funding.

Posts by Alica May

Unlocking the potential of the Reaxys PhD prize – insights from 4 winners and finalists

Posted on March 2nd, 2020 in Chemistry

The Reaxys PhD Prize, which honors young chemists for their innovative research, is now in its 10th year. It is a worldwide competition, open to those who are doing (or have recently completed) their PhD in any area of chemistry. Finalists each year automatically become a part of the Reaxys Prize Club, an exclusive international network of chemists from all research areas and career paths. Members of the club are also awarded with a broad range of benefits including free access to Reaxys, travel grants to network and explore research collaborations, and much more.