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Gregory J. Gordon

Gregory J. Gordon

Managing Director, Knowledge Life Cycle Management Elsevier

About the author: Gregory J. Gordon holds dual roles for the Research Products division of Elsevier: Managing Director of SSRN and Knowledge Lifecycle Management. SSRN is a leading Open Access multi-disciplinary online repository focused on providing Tomorrow’s Research Today for early-stage scholarly research. In May 2016, SSRN joined Elsevier, the world’s leading provider of scientific content and solutions. Since joining Elsevier, SSRN has grown from 20 to over 50 discipline-based research networks and includes close to 1,000,000 papers from more than 460,000 authors and users have downloaded 150,000,000 downloads to date. In January 2019, he expanded his role to work across the organization to build trusted relationships with researchers, institutions, funders and other publishers, and help identify solutions for making the Knowledge Lifecycle more efficient. Prior to helping Michael C. Jensen found SSRN in 1994, Gregg started his career at KPMG and worked at or founded entrepreneurial companies in technology and health care. Gregg regularly speaks around the world, including celebrating Open Access Week 2017 in Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo, and he writes regularly about scholarly research and the changes needed to create innovative research faster. He co-authored "Standards and Infrastructure for Innovation Data Exchange," published by Science, and "The Question of Data Integrity in Article-Level Metrics," published by PLOS Biology, and gave a TEDx talk, "Trust to the Power of One," in May 2019.

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Increase visibility of your COVID-19 clinical findings with SSRN

Posted on April 9th, 2020 in COVID-19

Quickly communicating pertinent clinical information, such as research regarding patient treatments, is critical during public health crises like the ongoing novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. However, the standard publication process for scientific articles, including peer review, can take as long as two years, and this slow pace of scientific publication can interfere with response to the public health emergency. A faster means for relaying information on COVID-19 research is required.

Fortunately, a more expedient way to disseminate ongoing research information is already available through the use of preprint servers, such as Elsevier’s SSRN. With preprint server publication, research becomes available online pre–peer review for public review and comment as soon as the server verifies certain standards are met (e.g., content is complete, patient privacy was protected). The time taken between article submission and online publication is much faster, typically in the range of hours to days.