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Tim Hoctor

Tim Hoctor

Vice President, Life Science Solutions Services

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About the author: Tim is Vice President, Life Science Solutions Services at Elsevier. He is a technology and Life Science management professional with more than 20 years experience leading products and teams in industry-leading data and analysis products, with a strong emphasis in Life Science and publishing. His career has included roles in communications and user interface development, moving into senior product & strategic marketing, sales, product and professional services management roles. He has a strong understanding of customer perspective and focus, detailed product development and lifecycle management knowledge.

Posts by Tim Hoctor

The Challenges in Treating Rare and Orphan Diseases

Posted on March 21st, 2016 in Pharma R&D

Those outside of the drug and medical research communities often do not understand the complexities and challenges in developing therapeutic treatments for diseases that (more…)

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