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James Dunstan

James Dunstan

Regional Manager Pharmaceutical Biotech Mature Europe, Corporate Sales

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About the author: James Dunstan has been working in the information services industry since 2005 and has worked with Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies as his clients since that time both in Europe and Asia Pacific. He has extensive experience in understanding the needs of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology customers and now leads a team of accounts managers across Northern and Southern Europe.

Posts by James Dunstan

Are we expecting too much from the EMA’s MLM service?

Posted on December 16th, 2015 in Pharmacovigilance

ema logo
At the beginning of September 2015, the EMA launched the Medical Literature Monitoring (MLM) service. I┬árecently read┬áthe EMA’s MLM launch phase closure report in addition to┬áinformation from a recent EMA information day and have highlighted some key points below. (more…)