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Jaqui Hodgkinson

Jaqui Hodgkinson

Vice President of Product Development at Elsevier

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About the author: Jaqui Hodgkinson has studied at University of Oxford, England for her PhD work on chromatin structure. Seeking a broader challenge, she moved to the Pharmaceutical industry for a 3 year stint, and then moved to Elsevier where she has had diverse roles spanning the organisation. Her passion is for enabling researchers to find out what has gone before them and increasing research effectiveness. She was instrumental in launching Elsevier’s “Smart Content” program several years ago (which underpins Elsevier’s new Clinical platform, Clinical Key) and drove the charge within the company for centralised ontology management and content enhancement with semantic technologies. Three years ago Jaqui turned her attention to an area closer to her original research background, and she now manages the product development for several of Elsevier’s drug discovery products.

Posts by Jaqui Hodgkinson

Embracing and Releasing the Power of Data

Posted on May 24th, 2016 in Pharma R&D

Big data have huge potential in pharmaceutical research, especially now that the technology to manage, mine and assess the vast amount of available information is catching up with the reality of researchers’ needs. Where it once would have taken many months to effectively trawl (more…)