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Julio dos Anjos

Julio dos Anjos

Professional Services Consultant

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About the author: Júlio dos Anjos implemented databases and information products for academic and hospital libraries for 20 years before joining Elsevier 4 years ago. Since then he implemented Pharmacovigilance solutions for multiple companies. He is now the lead consultant for Pharmacovigilance in the Elsevier R&D Professional Services team. Online Drugstore, cialis black buy, Free shipping, domperidone online, Discount 10%, xeloda online cheap

Posts by Julio dos Anjos

Validation: The importance of search formulas in Literature Monitoring

Posted on February 29th, 2016 in Pharmacovigilance

A reasonable number of Market Authorization Holders (MAHs) have no ready answer to justify why they use a specific search formula for each specific product when Audit or Inspection time comes: (more…)

EMA’s Medical Literature Monitoring: Shakedown or Shakeup

Posted on October 27th, 2015 in Pharmacovigilance

Although, quite a lot of existing flows have to change and new ones have to be implemented, there are, also, quite a lot of benefits, most of them for EMA, and some, not so obvious, for the MAH’s. Of these last ones, many are found by looking at the information, now made available by EMA, as an information professional in a pharmacovigilance context, as well as a pharmacovigilance analyst in an information rich environment.

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