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Louise Springthorpe

Manager, Corporate Markets Marketing, Elsevier

About the author: I am currently responsible for corporate customer and user engagement marketing across Elsevier. I started my career in academic publishing and since joining Elsevier I have worked in a number of roles across different segments but am passionate about raising awareness of how Elsevier can help researchers reach their R&D goals.

Posts by Louise Springthorpe

Reaxys User Day 2022: Sharing insights and tips for streamlining the chemist workflow

Posted on June 14th, 2022 in Chemistry

Whether you are an academic seeking a potential next-level cancer treatment, a pharma company charting out the competitive landscape, or a researcher wanting to stay on top of the latest bioactivity and pharmacological data relevant to your specialty, the Reaxys User Day 2022 proved a cornucopia of tips and tricks for chemists on how to streamline their workflow. Now, in case you missed the big day, these presentations are now online. Watch and learn.


Busy healthcare professionals can rely on phactMI

Posted on June 9th, 2022 in Medical Information

When patients go to see a doctor, nurse or some other kind of healthcare professional (HCP), they are expecting to benefit from that person’s experience and education in their field. HCPs accrue a great deal of knowledge over time, but of course they can’t know everything. An important part of being an effective healthcare provider is knowing where to look.

But often HCPs hit a roadblock when seeking good, reliable information on pharmaceutical drugs.


How pharma can make drug information accessible

Posted on June 1st, 2022 in Medical Information

Pharmaceutical drugs can work wonders for patients, whether it’s treating rare diseases or easing everyday maladies. But drugs can also be complex. What works for one patient may not for another, and side effects could be possible. Also, the longer that a drug is on the market, the more its manufacturer might learn and document about its effects. All of this information is important, and in order to prescribe drugs wisely, doctors need access to it.


Reaxys User Day 2022: Researcher secrets in the spotlight

Posted on May 26th, 2022 in Chemistry

In April, Elsevier hosted the first Reaxys User Day to learn from expert users and share best practices. Attendees were also updated on how the expert-curated chemistry database has dramatically upped its ability to streamline R&D. We spoke with senior director Ivan Krstic about how Reaxys is turning data into actionable insights to better understand the competitive landscape, design novel compounds, and generally accelerate synthetic chemistry. “Today is about sharing the amazing strides we’ve made,” says Ivan.


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