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Louise Springthorpe

Manager, Corporate Markets Marketing, Elsevier

About the author: I am currently responsible for corporate customer and user engagement marketing across Elsevier. I started my career in academic publishing and since joining Elsevier I have worked in a number of roles across different segments but am passionate about raising awareness of how Elsevier can help researchers reach their R&D goals.

Posts by Louise Springthorpe

At the leading edge of an innovation hotspot: predictive reaction modeling

Posted on September 8th, 2021 in Chemistry

Indisputably, a surge in predictive machine learning models to support synthetic chemistry has galvanized a movement to make these tools effective R&D solutions. Reaxys has been part of this innovation journey from the beginning. Today, Reaxys includes an award-winning Predictive Retrosynthesis solution that merges deep neural networks trained on Reaxys data with a Monte Carlo tree search to quickly discover promising candidate routes. Users explore these routes and new synthetic spaces via an intuitive interface that links to Reaxys content on commercial availability and accelerates design-make-test-analyze (DMTA) cycles.


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