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Ph.D. Tom Wickham

Ph.D. Tom Wickham

Vice President Research and Development at Rubius Therapeutics

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About the author:

Tom Wickham, Ph.D., VP of Research & Development at Rubius Therapeutics, is responsible for the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents in different therapeutic areas, based on his over twenty years in drug development in immuno-oncology, oncology, and gene therapy that spans preclinical through later stage clinical development.

Dr. Wickham most recently comes from Merrimack Pharmaceuticals where he served as Vice President, R & D and led preclinical through Phase 2 development of a targeted chemotherapy in breast cancer.  Prior to Merrimack Dr. Wickham was Senior Director of Preclinical Pharmacology and led efforts at EMD Lexigen (now Merck-Serono) to advance immuno-oncology drugs through preclinical development and into Phase I trials.  As Senior Director of Preclinical Sciences at GenVec, Inc. he led the advancement of a targeted gene delivery platform for oncology, cardiovascular, infectious disease, and genetic disease applications.

Dr. Wickham holds a B.S. in chemical/biomedical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a Ph.D. in biochemical engineering from Cornell University, and pursued his postdoctoral training at the Scripps Research Institute in the department of immunology.

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