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Elsevier and LG: Turning data into action

Posted on April 28th, 2022 by in AI & Data

There are life-changing insights waiting to be found in chemistry data. The critical information waiting to be unlocked can lead to incredible technology advances and medical breakthroughs. But there is so much data out there, and it is multiplying rapidly. At Elsevier, we are excited about a new partnership with world-renowned innovator LG that we are confident will enable researchers to discover and surface more relevant chemistry facts and relationships from scientific literature than ever before.

This year, Elsevier and LG are joining forces to develop an AI vision model (trained to read chemical structures) and an AI language model (trained to read and understand the language of chemistry). The project will be fueled by the combination of LG’s AI expertise and computational power, alongside Elsevier’s wealth of data in this domain, plus our deep domain and data science expertise in the life sciences, including our experience with text-mining, datasets, taxonomy development and chemoinformatics.

The ultimate goal in this partnership is to empower researchers and scientists to be able to uncover the facts and information they seek by searching through vast amounts of scientific data that is currently buried in tables, text and chemical images.

Some of the ways that we anticipate this capability will benefit users include:

  • Discovering the information researchers need from the growing body of chemistry knowledge quickly and easily
  • Working with researchers as an “AI assistant” to find new paths for creating innovative compounds with superior properties
  • Finding cheaper, more eco-friendly paths for synthesizing compounds
    Identifying ground-breaking new materials

With common aims and problems to solve, both Elsevier and LG are in a great position to work together to provide solutions that will help scientists transform data into action.

Mark Sheehan, VP of Data Science Life Sciences is leading this collaboration on behalf of Elsevier and is very excited about the potential of this ground-breaking partnership:

“We have worked really hard over the last few years with the Reaxys team to develop unique and powerful combinations of commercial and internally developed data science technologies to power a dramatic increase in the volume and quality of data we can detect from scientific patents and journals for our Reaxys customers.  We see enormous potential for these next generation AI models that we will be developing in our partnership with LG AI Research to help us make even greater leaps forward with our data science capabilities for Reaxys and other Life Sciences products, meaning an even richer range and quality of data available for our Life Sciences customers!”

We look forward to sharing more about this collaboration as it continues. In the meantime, take a moment to view this video about what is driving this partnership between Elsevier and LG.

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