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Expert Forum Examines the Patent Content Expansion Plan for Reaxys

Posted on May 21st, 2021 by in Chemistry

User feedback is instrumental to the evolution of Reaxys. Not only in articulating what works and what is missing, but also in guiding the direction of newly developed capabilities to meet user information needs.

For decades, Reaxys has offered highly interconnected chemistry knowledge spanning domains critical to the pharmaceutical industry. The scope and granularity of data in Reaxys supports informative knowledge visualization and analytics, customized queries, and an award-winning predictive retrosynthesis tool. Coverage of chemistry-related patents, however, had been limited to a handful of offices. The mandate of the Reaxys development team to guarantee data quality meant that patent content had to be excerpted manually, which necessarily limited accession volume.

Now, advances in semantic processing and machine learning resolves that bottleneck. In February, Elsevier and LexisNexis announced a collaboration to augment Reaxys content with patents from 105 patent offices and 170 IPC classes. As of January, Reaxys indexes bibliographic information from those patent offices, and a priority subset of offices and IPC classes are undergoing biological target enrichment. This content pipeline makes patent titles, abstracts, authors, claims translated to English and documented targets discoverable within five days of publication.

Reaxys aims to help pharma users succeed in a crowded, competitive landscape. By digitizing chemistry knowledge at large scale, Reaxys delivers pivotal information to anticipate risks and opportunities that can make or break a drug development program. With the augmented patent content, Reaxys aims to answer questions like “Which patents address my biological target?”, “Is this patent active for my target and indication?”, and “Which company owns this patented innovation?”

Essential to the success of this competitive intelligence workflow is ensuring that it truly meets the data needs and work style of pharma experts, both for the lab and for intellectual property analysis. So, the Reaxys team organized The Expert Forum to introduce the new capabilities in Reaxys, outline the technology and machine learning-powered processing “under the hood” of the content expansion project, and gather feedback to guide its continued evolution.

Lead Product Manager Dr. Rosalind Sankey and Head of Chemistry Solutions Dr. Ivan Krstic joined Directors of Data Science Dr. Saber Akhondi and Umesh Nandal in presenting the inherent challenges of enriching target and compound information in patent documents – from capturing and normalizing the many ways that information is reported to accurately determining the relevance of each identified entity to the claims of a patent. Saber and Umesh also described how innovative natural language processing and machine learning overcome these challenges, achieving a throughput that matches current patent publication rates while keeping true to the high quality standards of Reaxys. Finally, in a 40-minute dialogue, attendees asked and learned about anticipated content growth and the underlying quality assurance mechanisms. They also voiced suggestions for presenting the data in the user interface to maximize usability.

The currently live patent content pipeline is only the beginning. In a next step, substance enrichment will power novelty searching and answer the question “What chemical space is protected?” As an evolving endeavor, the team will continue to seek feedback and insights from users to ensure the relevance of project outcomes. Additional Expert Forums will take place to capture a diversity of opinions across Reaxys projects.

If you are interested in joining one of these events, please join the LinkedIn group where we will post updates and more information relating to the next Expert Form.

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