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Propelling tomorrow’s chemistry stars

Posted on December 14th, 2015 by in Chemistry

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After years of hard work, late nights and hours of toil in the lab, the sought after chemistry PhD can aid young scientists towards a successful career. In such a competitive setting, it’s vital to make sure you stand out as a researcher from the start.

The work of young chemists could solve some of today’s biggest challenges, from improving fuel efficiency to developing medicines and finding greener ways to produce chemicals. Picking out the rising stars can help highlight some of the best new research coming from those who have just been awarded their chemistry PhD, or are working towards it.

The Reaxys PhD Prize does just that. Created to recognize and reward the outstanding research being done by young chemists, the PhD Prize rewards and welcomes top scientists into a community of leading researchers, helping boost their careers, like no other prize does.

The competition

The 2016 Reaxys PhD Prize started when submissions opened on 7 December 2015. Applicants who are in a chemistry PhD program or have completed their PhD after 1 January 2015 can apply online. They need to submit a peer-reviewed paper they published during their PhD, which predominantly covers their work, along with a CV (resume) and a letter of recommendation from their PhD supervisor.

Since the Prize started six years ago, we have received almost 2500 submissions from more than 400 universities, reflecting the high caliber of today’s chemistry researchers. This keeps the judges busy; in February, an international panel of chemists will review the submissions and select 45 finalists. A shortlist will be chosen announced ahead of the main event.

The main event is the Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium, where we will gather to celebrate the great research of this year’s finalists and to announce the 3 winners. All 45 finalists will be invited, where they will have the chance to network with other finalists, supervisors, and some of the Reaxys Prize Club members.

The finalists will present their research at a poster session, and the shortlisted candidates will each give an oral presentation. On the second day of the Symposium, the three winners will be announced and each awarded a cheque for $2000.

Lifetime benefits

This isn’t all the finalists enjoy – they get a host of benefits from joining an exclusive group of extraordinary chemistry researchers: the Reaxys Prize Club. All the finalists get automatic membership to the Prize Club, enabling them to connect with an elite group of like-minded peers whose work complements their research, and who can help them make their ideas a reality.

Members enjoy increased exposure for their work, with a profile on the website and the opportunity to network with hundreds of other researchers. They also have the chance to find a mentor – some of the more senior members are well placed to guide early career researchers and help propel their research.

The competition is open for submissions until 8 February. We’re looking forward to seeing the breadth and quality of this year’s research, and to welcoming the class of 2016 to the Prize Club.

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