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Reaxys database search now available from Marvin

Posted on May 8th, 2020 by in Chemistry

The number of chemical reactions and substances platforms like Reaxys has grown exponentially in recent years. The challenge for chemical information tools has shifted from exploration of new horizons in the chemistry space to refining and filtering structure and reaction searches to find the exact substances or reactions that one is seeking. As the next step in a long-term collaboration, Reaxys is now connected with ChemAxon’s flagship cheminformatics solution Marvin, making complex structure searches faster and easier, and directly accessible from the desktop application.

In the early days of Reaxys, MarvinSketch was chosen as web component editor to supplement searches. When the new Reaxys interface was released, the updated Marvin JS version was included as a default drawing tool in continued success. It allows academic and industry users to access the structure editor from within Reaxys to search the database, and simplifies access to a range of commonly used features. Marvin JS has an optimized user interface so that users can draw simple and complex query structures intuitively in Reaxys.

This greatly simplifies user workflows, speeding up the chemistry information research process by allowing researchers to initiate a Reaxys search from within the MarvinSketch desktop interface, and then to be taken to the related search results within Reaxys. Researchers can search for substances and reactions in Reaxys all with a simple click from MarvinSketch and find more information and innovation in less time—no more cut and paste between applications.

“Analyzing user workflows, we found that the scientists using desktop tools would benefit from day-to-day connection and the next step simply became obvious to both companies. With Reaxys search available immediately from MarvinSketch, we are excited to further empower scientific research and discovery by enhancing the scope of what users can achieve in our desktop application. This functionality is markedly improving our users’ daily workflow, gives momentum to further scientific discoveries and generates new platforms for research,” said Efi Hoffmann, Product Manager, Marvin JS, at ChemAxon.

“The combination of two such outstanding tools allows our users access to the best of two worlds simultaneously, searching Elsevier’s extensive database from our desktop editor swiftly and directly.”

If you would like to get more details about how Reaxys can help you, visit us here.

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ChemAxon is a chemical and biological software development company that provides solutions for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries; successfully used in publishing, flavors, fragrances, petroleum and fine chemicals research as well. ChemAxon’s entire product portfolio offers out-of-the-box solutions for scientists, back-end tools for IT professionals, components to add extra functionality, and integrations to make our technology available from 3rd party software like Microsoft Excel or KNIME. The company began in 1998 with the development of toolkits – flagship chemical editor (Marvin), and leading chemical search engines (JChem), which quickly became the top-of-mind enterprise solutions in several industries where chemistry is involved. Our technology is capable of adding chemical intelligence to the most common relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Cartridge etc.) and provide rapid hit return even in extremely large databases of chemical structures.

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