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Busy healthcare professionals can rely on phactMI

Posted on June 9th, 2022 by in Medical Information

When patients go to see a doctor, nurse or some other kind of healthcare professional (HCP), they are expecting to benefit from that person’s experience and education in their field. HCPs accrue a great deal of knowledge over time, but of course they can’t know everything. An important part of being an effective healthcare provider is knowing where to look.

But often HCPs hit a roadblock when seeking good, reliable information on pharmaceutical drugs.

Healthcare professionals are under pressure

HCPs only have so much time with a patient, and they may be working in a fast-paced setting like a hospital or a busy clinic. When they are considering what medication might be the right one to prescribe, they may need to consider a variety of factors. For instance, what are the potential side effects, and might they be severe for this particular patient? Could the drug interfere in any way with the patient’s other medications?

Questions like these need to be answered by consulting information on the drug made available by the pharmaceutical manufacturer. But how do you find it? Currently, many HCPs struggle to locate this information quickly and easily, making it difficult for them to determine the best medication to prescribe during a consultation.

This is an untenable situation for everyone involved, and many pharmaceutical companies realized that they needed to be doing more to ensure that HCPs can find out what they need to know fast – without sacrificing accuracy.

A one-stop shop for medical information

So phactMI was born. A consortium of 30+ pharma and biotech companies, phactMI is dedicated to delivering crucial and reliable drug information to the healthcare professionals when and where they need it. And Elsevier has been working with them to help make that mission into a reality by developing a one-stop online platform for medical information, powered by the Entellect platform.

As Mary Sendi, who leads Pfizer’s Medical Information operations in Canada and the U.S., explained in a case study on the phactMI collaboration: “HCPs now have one access point to search for and obtain current, evidence-based drug information to support clinical decision-making on multiple manufacturer products.”

When they need up-to-date, trusted information on pharmaceutical drugs, healthcare professionals just need to go to and do a simple search, which covers over 3,000 product labels and medical information responses.

Shared goals

Pfizer, one of the many pharmas in the phactMI consortium, found the organization’s partnership with Elsevier on the project to be very fruitful. “They were very responsive to our comments and requirements for improvement,” said Annamaria Crisan, Medical Information Global Systems and Operations Lead, Pfizer. “They have been great collaborators with us. One of our imperatives is to provide easy-to-access and easy-to-use information and work with the Elsevier team was aligned with this goal.”

To find out more about how collective leadership and cooperation helped address the challenge of locating medical information, check out the case study Pfizer, phactMI, and Elsevier collaborate to make medical information easy to search and quick to find.

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