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Arctic Pharma CEO Talks Early-Stage Research

Posted on December 27th, 2016 by in Pharma R&D

The hive

One of the amazing things about doing early-stage research is that it can often take you in unexpected directions. Claudia Bøen was working as a scientist on developing a male contraceptive for Spermatech when their team found that a compound they were working with killed certain cancer cells. Now, Bøen is the CEO of a spin-off company, Arctic Pharma, which is pursuing that research in the hopes of developing innovative anti-cancer drugs.

Arctic Pharma recently became a part of Elsevier’s exciting new incubator program, The Hive, which is designed to empower a selected few of the most promising biotech start-ups with cutting-edge information and industry exposure. Bøen is pleased that being a part of The Hive will give her company access to Elsevier’s R&D Solutions, which she believes will assist them in making decisions on lead compound selection while also reducing search time and boosting productivity.

Read this interview with Claudia Bøen to learn more about her background as a scientist, her challenges as an entrepreneur and CEO, and to find out the details of Arctic’s technology and current pipeline.


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