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Avoiding the Risks of Being Wrong in Drug Discovery

Posted on May 5th, 2017 by in Pharma R&D

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In a recent case study featuring a mid-market biopharma company, a pre-clinical research leader explains that in order to avoid the risks of being wrong when investigating potential new molecules and validating methods he needs reliable, up to date and comprehensive scientific information.

The research leader shares, “You can be wrong in academia, but it’s a huge risk to be wrong in drug discovery,” and for early-stage pharmaceutical researchers, an abstract or an excerpt of an article in the literature, is just the tip of the iceberg. Researchers need access to the full text of an article, as everything from the graphs to the data to the bibliography might offer a crucial bit of insight that can make a big difference as it has for his teams. Often, getting a key piece of the puzzle in the early stages can save a lot of headaches in later stages.

An important piece of data found in the early stages of drug discovery can help to identify a potential issue before it turns into a major stumbling block in the later stages of a project

Read the case study to learn how ScienceDirect helped him to minimize the risks of late-stage costs and failure.


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