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A Bright Future for Bacteria

Posted on January 3rd, 2017 by in Pharma R&D


Microbes account for about 2% of a person’s body weight. These trillions of bacteria, most of which are in the gut, are referred to as the microbiome. While gut bacteria may sound pretty gross, they are mostly benign, and in fact good for our overall health. And, right now, these bacteria have become very attractive to a lot of companies and investors.

As more is learned about the microbiome, researchers are seeing its potential in the market. Applications for microbiome products could include probiotic and prebiotic nutritional supplements that improve gut bacteria, the use of the microbiome to discover new drugs (particularly antibiotics), and the composition of the microbiome could actually be a diagnostic indicator for certain diseases.

To find out more about the possibilities of the microbiome, including insights from Elsevier’s Jaqui Hodgkinson, and the challenges that researchers face in understanding and using it, read this article in The Financial Times.


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