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Compound Discovery May Spur Therapies for Autoimmune Conditions

Posted on December 20th, 2017 by in Pharma R&D


People who develop autoimmune often suffer from their effects for the rest of their lives, frustrated by the lack of cure. Though there are various treatments available to help manage some of these conditions, they often don’t work very well and the disease continues to take a major toll on the patient and his or her quality of life.

Fortunately many researchers—in university labs, at biotech start-ups and beyond—are laboring to better understand autoimmune diseases so that they can design more effective therapies. In fact, scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder may have just come upon a breakthrough, as they have recently identified a compound that they believe could lead to revolutionary treatments targeting autoimmune diseases. Find out about their study in Ryan Bushey’s article Novel Compound Could Produce New Autoimmune Therapies, published in Drug Discovery & Development.

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