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New Developments in R&D

Posted on January 11th, 2017 by in Pharma R&D

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There are some exciting changes happening at Rubius right now. We moved into a new lab,  and  more importantly, we’ve hired a new vice president of R&D, Tom Wickham.

Tom has spent over 20 years in drug development, with a background in gene therapy, immune-oncology, and oncology that spans preclinical through late stage clinical development. Most recently, he was with Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, where he led the preclinical and clinical development of a targeted chemotherapy in breast cancer. Before Merrimack, he led the efforts at EMD Lexigen (now Merck-Serono) to advance immune-oncology drugs through preclinical development and into Phase I trials.  His gene therapy experience at GenVec, Inc. involved developing a targeted gene delivery platform for oncology, cardiovascular, infectious disease, and genetic disease applications.

Tom came to Rubius to develop the Red-Cell Therapeutic platform across a wide variety of applications, including oncology/immuno-oncology, auto-immune, infectious disease, and enzyme replacement therapies. Our team is extremely happy to be accelerate our progress with his expertise on hand.

With every passing week, we learn more about the incredible clinical promise of the RCT platform. By attacking “what if” questions in both a hypothesis-free and hypothesis-driven way, our scientific team has uncovered new and unexpected biology. This in turn has opened a broader-than-expected range of applications in cancer, rare, autoimmune, and infectious disease. And participating in The Hive, with access to Elsevier resources, has played a pivotal role in accelerating our work.

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