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As The Hive Evolves, More Companies Prepare to Join the Program

Posted on December 11th, 2017 by in Pharma R&D

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This year, four companies working in early-stage drug development were able to power their efforts with an array of Elsevier tools by participating in The Hive. Now, more promising pharma and biotech start-ups are in the process of entering into The Hive as the initiative continues to grow. This latest group of innovators is even larger and more diverse than ever.

In the new year, we will be announcing the impressive group of new start-ups participating in The Hive. Located in Korea, Europe and throughout the USA, this incoming cohort represents innovation across the globe. While most of them are start-ups pursuing exciting and often groundbreaking avenues of research, they are bolstered by teams that boast a wealth of expertise that includes work at big pharmaceutical firms, small biotechs and as entrepreneurs.

We’re pleased that this new cohort is reflective of the innovation in the industry today in terms of the focus of their research. Many of them are doing truly cutting-edge research in areas like immunotherapy, genomics, and artificial intelligence. The use of AI in this space has thrilling possibilities, so we’re really looking forward to seeing what that technology can do to advance and accelerate drug discovery and development like never before.

With a focus on developing novel therapeutics, and, in many cases, driven by the growth of precision medicine, the new members of our Hive family are all working towards the ultimate goal of creating more effective treatments for patients. Whether it’s building a new class of combination cancer therapies, developing improved treatments for chronic diseases or creating next-gen therapeutics utilizing a unique proprietary platform, these innovative start-ups are poised to improve healthcare as we know it and lead to better outcomes for people suffering from diseases.

It has been a fascinating journey to follow the accomplishments of our current Hive participants during our partnership. Rubius Therapeutics, for instance, which is using red blood cells to fight disease, has been growing its leadership team and making strides with its Red-Cell Therapeutics™. They were recently included among the 2017 FierceBiotech “Fierce 15”. We hope that the companies in our new Hive cohort will have continued success and recognition by participating in The Hive next year.

Collaboration is key to innovation, and Elsevier is pleased to provide the support of our information tools while shining a spotlight on groundbreaking research. Stay tuned to learn more about the newest members of The Hive!

All opinions shared in this post are the author’s own.

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