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New Hive Participants Tackle Unmet Needs

Posted on October 20th, 2016 by in Pharma R&D

Reset and Rubius combined

When Elsevier R&D Solutions launched its new initiative, dubbed The Hive, earlier this year, its aim was to identify a handful of bright biotech start-ups to participate in a collaborative effort designed to boost early stage drug discovery and development. We were thrilled to receive applications from many impressive companies, and among those selected were Rubius Therapeutics and Reset Therapeutics. Given the important missions of these companies, their progress so far, and the credentials of their respective staffs, Elsevier could see that they would become valuable members of The Hive community.

A Peek Inside the Lab

These two start-ups are making advances in drug discovery and development that will ultimately take on medical needs in innovative new ways.

Reset Therapeutics is a development-stage pharmaceutical company that is pioneering first-in-class approaches to treating diseases by restoring the body’s natural 24-hour rhythms (often called circadian rhythms). Adverse changes in hormonal, behavioral and cellular rhythms are hallmarks of cardio-metabolic, CNS and inflammatory disorders, some cancers and senescence.  More than half of the best-selling drugs in the US and more than 100 of the WHO essential medicines target rhythmic proteins but Reset is the first company built exclusively to design clock-modifying therapeutics.  Reset’s most advanced drug discovery programs target orphan metabolic and CNS disorders, the latter in partnership with Alkermes.  Reset is also pursuing novel therapies to address excessive daytime sleepiness in Parkinson’s disease with funding from The Michael J. Fox foundation.

Meanwhile Rubius Therapeutics, which was recently featured in Nature Biotechnology as one of the most exciting biotech companies of 2015, is developing a platform which is enabling a new class of therapeutics that overcome the shortcomings of existing protein and cell-based approaches. Rubius is using breakthrough science to develop Red-Cell Therapeutics™ (RCTs) that have the potential to treat a wide array of diseases including metabolic conditions, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and infectious diseases. Using its rapid prototyping capability, Rubius has already generated more than 150 different RCT prototypes and is in the process of validating the most promising candidates for clinical entry.

The Benefits of Being in The Hive

The people at Rubius feel that taking part in The Hive will really enable the team to accelerate the discovery process and expand the scope of their research efforts. They are looking forward to being able to work with Elsevier’s range of tools, which support everything from pathway interrogation to product development.  Each of the Elsevier solutions will support a different piece of the research and development value chain as they move programs from concept to first-in-human. Rubius hopes that by participating in The Hive, they will be able to gain exposure to the broader biotech startup ecosystem and accelerate their efforts to quickly bring breakthrough medicines to patients.

Reset is also excited about the possibility of bringing breakthrough treatments to patients in need, and thinks access to Elsevier solutions will inform the decision-making process and improve the chances of developing safe and effective new drugs. As an integrated discovery and development company with a therapeutic platform that can be directed toward many molecular targets across the therapeutic spectrum, Reset finds that clinical, regulatory, and commercial considerations are essential from the outset when planning to pursue a rhythms-modifying agent. They need as broad a platform as possible for exploring whatever paths their drug discovery platform may take them on. They believe that integrating their data with the literature, and finding new connections via Elsevier’s solutions, will be a great way to make efficient, effective, and cost-conscious decisions about how to build the company.

We are confident that these two innovative start-ups will indeed find that they are empowered by having access to Elsevier’s information tools and resources, and we are absolutely certain that The Hive will be all the more successful for having Reset Therapuetics and Rubius Therapeutics on board.

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All opinions shared in this post are the author’s own.


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