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The Hive is open for 2017 applicants

Posted on June 23rd, 2017 by in Pharma R&D

The hive

It’s been over a year since Elsevier first launched The Hive, and we are inspired by the results that we have seen from this venture. Through frequent blog posts and video interviews, we and everyone who followed the project have been able to see the progress made by the four participating companies: Arctic Pharma AS, Myelo Therapeutics, Reset Therapeutics, and Rubius Therapeutics. Not only did we get to learn more about the groundbreaking research happening at these start-ups, but we have had an opportunity to see how they were able to pursue their work with more depth, speed and vigor by utilizing Elsevier’s R&D solutions.

Now we’re excited that it’s time to recruit even more companies for Hive 2.0. We’re currently inviting firms to submit applications to take part in our second, even larger cohort. The pharmaceutical and biotech start-up companies that we select to take part in The Hive will receive complimentary access and free training on our information tools, including Scopus, ScienceDirect, Reaxys, PharmaPendium, Embase, and Pathway Studio. These databases empower users to uncover a vast universe of scientific and technical information, keeping them on the cutting edge of discovery while helping them to conduct their research with greater speed and accuracy than ever before.

Participants in The Hive will be encouraged to share their best stories of drug discovery and development, whether it’s revealing a new technique or detailing a research breakthrough. Promoting these behind-the-scenes progressions not only creates an opportunity to increase a company’s exposure within the life sciences community, it can also be instructive to other start-ups and help contribute to the broader advancement of scientific knowledge.

Ideally, potential participants in The Hive are start-up companies that focus their efforts on early-stage research and would be able to make good use of Elsevier’s extensive portfolio of research solutions. Participating companies should be pre-revenue and not looking to be acquired any time in the next 18 months. If your company meets this criteria, then you may be a great fit for The Hive!

If you would like to find out more about applying to The Hive, visit our website or contact Betsy Davis with any questions.

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