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How DNA-encoded Libraries Boost Drug Discovery

Posted on October 7th, 2020 by in Pharma R&D

DNA-encoded libraries (DELs) have been gaining a lot of traction in hit finding and drug discovery in recent years. Regarded by some as a truly revolutionary advance in chemistry, a DEL is a mixture of millions of small molecules in which each molecule is conjugated to a DNA-oligomer that encodes its chemical structure. The mixture can be stored in a simple test tube.

DEL screening is now being widely used by pharmaceutical companies to find novel chemical matter that modulates protein targets of interest. As Chemical & Engineering News has reported, there have been a quickly growing number of industry deals in this space. Vertex Pharmaceuticals has paired up with X-Chem in order to utilize their DELs for drug discovery. Amgen acquired Nuevolution to use the biotech’s DELs in search of drug candidates. And Hitgen has partnered with heavy hitters like Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and Pfizer.

Dr. Andreas Brunschweiger, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at TU Dortmund University, has been engaged in interesting research involving DNA-encoded chemical libraries and addressing some of the challenges in using them as a small molecule screening technology. In an upcoming webinar, he will be presenting some insights from his research.

Scheduled for October 14, the webinar will feature Dr. Alex Satz, senior director of DEL strategy and operations at WuXi AppTec, giving an informative overview of DELs. This will be followed by a presentation from Dr. Brunschweiger on research showing how a cheminformatics workflow can inform DEL design, and how the screening of a proof of concept DNA-encoded library led to compound identification.

To learn more about this research and DELs, register here to attend the webinar.

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