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Introducing ‘The Hive’

Posted on May 4th, 2016 by in Pharma R&D

Elsevier Hive

Fifty-four percent. That’s the percentage of “all active drugs” sourced via open innovation models for the 12 largest biopharma company pipelines in 2014.[1]

Three times higher. That’s the increased chance of later-phase clinical success (Phase 1 to filed) when drugs are sourced via open innovation.[2] So why are these figures and references used to introduce this post?

This past week, Elsevier R&D Solutions launched an exciting new open innovation-related initiative called The Hive.   The Hive entails collaboration with a select group of biotech and pharmaceutical start-up companies and is aimed at showcasing the importance of empowering early stage drug discovery and development, and demonstrating how research teams can overcome R&D bottlenecks and challenges.

Participants in The Hive will benefit from increased visibility of their work across the pharma R&D community, as well as enhanced research productivity via complimentary access to Elsevier’s suite of information solutions, including user training and support. The best candidates for The Hive are biotech and pharmaceutical start-ups actively engaged in advancing early stage research, with a minimum of three scientists on staff.  If your company meets this profile, or you know of one that does and that may be interested, more information on the program and how to apply is available here. Up to five firms will be initially selected to participate via a rolling enrollment process.

As for the wider pharma R&D community, The Hive will engage industry via case studies, such as Elsevier’s collaboration with Findacure, and other digital content featuring the participants, including blog entries that you’ll find right here. Individuals and companies following The Hive will have the chance to hear directly from the participating companies, while supporting and learning from their research projects.

In the coming weeks we’ll begin to introduce The Hive participants and their stories. We’ll follow each of them on a monthly basis over the year ahead. Our intent is to expose you to a variety of companies, therapeutic areas, and stages of R&D. Together we’ll get to know the companies’ principals, their areas of therapeutic research and their research goals. Over time, we’ll get to experience, firsthand, some of the realities of working in early stage drug discovery and development.

While gleaning this firsthand insight, we will, as a community, show support for these small, early-stage startup organizations that are central to the larger pharma and biotech ecosystem of innovation and collaboration – the same ecosystem central to sustaining (and growing) the pharmaceutical and biotech industry’s ability to address areas of unmet medical need. Join us by registering now to follow the real stories and real science (in real time) that will define The Hive.

Visit The Hive.


[2] ibid.

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