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The Latest in Bioinformatics Solutions

Posted on December 5th, 2016 by in Pharma R&D


Next generation sequencing and other innovative developments in biological research are helping scientists understand disease and drug activity at a level never before thought possible. But there are some practical challenges, most notably that it is producing enormous datasets that are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Not only is the amount of data daunting, it is often coming from different sources, private, public and commercial domains.

Fortunately, experts in the area of information management are putting a lot of brainpower into creating tools for the integration, analysis and interpretation of this data. In “Data Dissection,” a new article in Scientific Computing World, author Sophia Ktori highlights a few different products and solutions, explaining their high-tech strategies for managing data. Among the informatics solutions featured is Elsevier’s Pathway Studio, which, among its many capabilities, allows provides researchers the ability to tap the enormous knowledge of unstructured published literature from a structured database of molecular interactions or even mine their own datasets in the context of the knowledgebase .

To learn more about how Pathway Studio and other innovative tools are empowering those working in bioinformatics, read the article here.


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