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Logistics of Time and Tools

Posted on March 24th, 2017 by in Pharma R&D


One might imagine that most start-up companies have their employees huddled together in a single small location, but communication technology has made it far more feasible for innovators to collaborate across distances. Myelo Therapeutics’ R&D team, in fact, operates from both Dresden/Germany and New York City. While team events bring the whole company together twice a year in one location, Myelo’s researchers are often working together virtually. This allows for a great degree of flexibility and creativity necessary to drive innovation.

As with every start-up, Myelo did overcome hurdles during the initial growth phase. Finding meeting times and getting the internal technology set up for frequent virtual meetings involving several locations (ideally on a lean budget) required some forward thinking of the small, diverse team. Today, crossing several time zones and the Atlantic, it often feels as if there are more working hours available, which is a terrific advantage. For example, when the working day comes to a close in Germany, a team member in New York can review documents, allowing them to be ready the next morning.

Having access to web-based tools that can easily be used from our different locations is also helpful, and we have been making extensive use of several of the Elsevier R&D Solutions. We recently began using Reaxys and have been intrigued by the novel approach to searching for information. Besides looking for chemical formulae, the similarity search additionally allows for fast analysis of related structures. It seems to be an incredibly powerful tool for searching big amounts of data, especially due to its ability to customize the search to a very high detail with its query builder.

Going through published data for chemotherapy treatments, coupled with relevant treatment structures and adding grades of neutropenia into the mix will be only one of many combined searches that Myelo Therapeutics will conduct using Reaxys.

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