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Myelo Therapeutics Takes on Unmet Needs in Cancer

Posted on November 17th, 2017 by in Pharma R&D


Many pharmaceutical and biotechnology start-ups have been founded for the purpose of taking on unmet needs. It has often been difficult for the larger, more established pharma companies to focus on these narrower problems, so the leaner, scrappier start-ups are putting their passion and brainpower to the challenges that have yet to be tackled. Germany-based Myelo Therapeutics is one such company, which is developing an innovative adjuvant cancer therapy that may end up being the first treatment innovation for chemotherapy-induced neutropenia in a quarter century.

Myelo’s work in this area captured Elsevier’s attention when we were selecting participants for The Hive, our initiative for empowering early-stage drug discovery and development, and as a result, they were among the first chosen to take part. Their work has been progressing steadily, with the announcement coming just last month that they had completed recruitment for the Phase II MyeloConcept study and are anticipating results in Spring 2018.

In this interesting interview, Till Erdmann, Myelo’s Managing Director, opens up about the research challenges that they face in Germany, discusses the company’s role in the world of R&D, offers advice to other start-ups, and explains what attracted Myelo Therapeutics to The Hive, while also sharing how Elsevier’s tools have helped his team with their research.

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