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Start-up Spotlight: Innovative Informatica Technologies

Posted on November 4th, 2016 by in Pharma R&D


In our data-driven age, bioinformatics companies like Innovative Informatica Technologies have a great deal to offer the industry and boast the potential to do amazing things in drug discovery. Syed Hussain Basha, Founder & CEO of this ambitious start-up, reveals what the company is currently working on.

Tell us what your company does.

Innovative Informatica Technologies is a one-of-a-kind bioinformatics organization specializing in handling computer-aided drug discovery research, training, and consulting services. We provide R&D services and research-oriented training in the area of structure and ligand-based drug discovery, screening of large chemical space for potential lead molecules through virtual screening, docking, ADMET predictions, and molecular dynamic simulation techniques.

What does Innovative informatics Technologies aim to achieve?

The mission of Innovative Informatica Technologies is to train next generation researchers in bioinformatics and computational biology in both academia and industry. We do that by capitalizing on the efficiency of technology to serve and help young research career aspirants achieve their research goals using computer-aided drug discovery techniques via our management and team. We strive constantly to make Innovative Informatica Technologies a leading, high-quality service provider in the computer-aided drug discovery research domain.

Why is the research so important, and what impact will it have on the industry?

Computer-aided drug design, integrated with experimental routines, has a powerful impact on the design / discovery of promising target-specific drug candidates in a significantly shorter period of time than the traditional methods because it utilizes the knowledge of either protein target structure or known active ligands. Various computational techniques are now being employed by both academic research groups and pharmaceutical companies to reduce the cost and time required for the discovery of a potent drug.

Why is this of interest right now?

Computational drug design and discovery approaches are of great interest to academia, as well as commercial companies, towards efficient and cost-effective identification and optimization of lead compounds for novel, target-specific drug discovery. And elucidation of the biological function of a target and the mechanism of action of a potential compound is accelerating the process of drug discovery like nothing else.

Are you currently looking for partners or investment?

Yes, we are actively seeking strategic partnerships with next generation sequencing companies towards building pipelines for next generation personalized medicines by uniquely combining NGS data curation for knowledge with in silico drug discovery techniques. We are also seeking potential investors to help us in achieving the above-mentioned long-term goal.

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