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Seeing Research Through a Scientist’s Eyes

Posted on July 26th, 2017 by in Pharma R&D

Walk in shoes

If it’s your job to create and maintain information solutions designed to be used by scientists, it probably helps if you have real-world experience conducting scientific research, right? For nearly 140 years, Elsevier has been publishing scientific literature, and in recent years has expanded its offerings to include sophisticated information tools that help researchers find the data they need amidst an overwhelming and rapidly growing deluge of literature. But in order to fully be a part of the scientific community that it supports, Elsevier believes it is important to contribute original research, as well.

The Professional Services team at Elsevier’s R&D Solutions is tasked with publishing at least one piece of original research a year, and usually goes further, typically publishing two or three times in a year. The research has spanned disciplines and has included developing new pathways for precision medicine and characterizing newly sequenced genomes. Aside from the value of the research itself, simply engaging in this process is meaningful and generates countless insights that can be used to improve Elsevier’s R&D Solutions.

Read the article Walk a mile in their shoes to learn more about why constantly improving, expanding on and creating new tools to handle scientific information is vital for research in the 21st century.

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