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Solving Global Research Challenges with Artificial Intelligence

Posted on January 8th, 2018 by in Pharma R&D


In the 21st century, we are facing a number of enormous global challenges. Simply producing enough food and clean water to nourish the planet’s growing population is one of the biggest difficulties. Meanwhile, we must also deal with the ravages of climate change and take on medical problems like antibiotic resistance. Scientists in numerous fields are the vanguard in the struggle to overcome these challenges, and while many of them are doing innovative, life-saving work, they are in a constant race to do more, faster and often with fewer resources.

Researchers require every tool available to them to help them do their work more efficiently. In an age overflowing with information, it can be difficult for them to zero in on the data that they need in a given moment, and the process of narrowing down options to the best possible solution can be incredibly time-consuming. Artificial intelligence is one of the tools currently being developed to enable scientists to be more productive. AI has the potential to increase research productivity exponentially, which means it could help scientists get to solutions to the world’s biggest problems that much faster.

AI is also poised to affect many other areas of our lives, big and small. A new feature article in Verdict AI offers predictions from people across industries on what artificial intelligence might mean for healthcare, engineering, data science, retail and so much more in the near future.

Read the article here.

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