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Start-Up Spotlight: Eudendron

Posted on December 23rd, 2016 by in Pharma R&D

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This week we want to introduce you to a small but ambitious biotech start-up based in Italy. Mauro Angiolini, Managing Director of Eudendron, explains how his company is working towards better cancer treatments.

Give us a brief description of your company.

Eudendron is an Italian biotech company established in July 2012, privately owned and funded by a management team composed of the founders, Mauro Angiolini and Fabio Zuccotto. The focus of Eudendron’s activities is the discovery of a new generation of small molecules inhibitors of protein kinases, a well-established therapeutic target family in oncology.

Describe the background of the company and what it is working to achieve.

Several human cancers are triggered by a family of dysregulated proteins: the kinases. In the last 15 years, many kinase inhibitors have been approved by the FDA, providing remarkable clinical impact and market success for cancer therapy. Nevertheless, most of the available inhibitors suffer two common issues: selectivity and insurgence of drug resistance mutations. A low selectivity profile is often associated with undesirable side effects like cardiotoxicity or pulmonary hypertension, whereas drug resistance mutations lead to cancer therapy failure and ultimately to disease relapse. In this scenario, the need for a new generation of kinase inhibitors able to offer selectivity and activity against drug resistance is absolutely critical. Eudendron crafts highly engineered orally available kinase inhibitors based on internally developed molecular designs addressing mutations responsible for drug resistance and modulation of selectivity profile.

Why is this research so important? What impact will it have on the industry?

Ongoing research at Eudendron addresses relevant medical needs providing new drugs for those patients who have experienced disease relapse with the first generation of kinase inhibitors. In particular, the company identified small molecules inhibitors of relevant clinical targets like ALK, RET, DDR2, TRK, and ROS1. These targets are responsible for cancer development such as lymphoma, lung, breast, and thyroid cancer. The industry is highly interested in effective treatments able to address both safety and drug resistance.

Why does this matter now?

Development of the identified inhibitors could provide safer and more effective anti-cancer treatments.

What are the company’s next steps?

Eudendron is now developing new chemical entities that have demonstrated uncommon activity against known mutations responsible for drug resistance with remarkable improvement with respect to approved drugs.

Are you currently looking for partners or investment?

The company is actively looking for partners and investors to develop an orally available small molecule as new treatment in oncology, especially lung and thyroid cancer. Eudendron is available to collaborate with research groups operating in the field of precision medicine.

To get in contact with Mauro Angiolini, or to follow Eudendron:



Twitter: @ Eudendron


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