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Start-Up Spotlight: SiaMed’Xpress

Posted on December 2nd, 2016 by in Pharma R&D


SiaMed’Xpress is the company that we are focusing on in this week’s spotlight feature. Catherine Ronin, Chief Executive Officer of SiaMed’Xpress, talks about the start-up’s technology and research.

Briefly describe your company.
SiaMed’Xpress specializes in glycoengineering cell lines producing proteins of therapeutic and diagnostic interest.

What does SiaMed’Xpress do?
The company offers a disruptive technological platform to optimize glycosylation of most proteins of biomedical interest, including therapeutic antibodies. It offers feasibility studies to estimate product performances above a marketed product.

Why is this research important, and what impact will it have on the industry?
Glycosylation is a complex modification of proteins which governs protein folding, stability, biological activity, and duration in blood. Any of these key parameters may be altered in a recombinant product and needs to be at its best for the product to perform successfully. The impact in industry is considered as a quality attribute to the product and, as such, should be carefully monitored to access regulatory compliance.

Why is this of particular interest now?
Antibodies proved to extremely specific drugs over the past decades; they are now the most important pipeline for the biopharmaceutical industry. Key challenges are ahead since these molecules must be produced at the kg level and should be better tolerated.

What are the next steps for SiaMed’Xpress?
The company is organized to meet the needs of open innovation and partner on various programs. The immediate focus is to target antibody-based immunotherapy.

Are you currently looking for partners or investment?
Partnering is fundamental to our business model based on open innovation. We are looking for new investors to bring our technology and pipeline on the European level.

To get in contact with Catherine Ronin, or to follow SiaMed’Xpress:





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