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Start-Up Spotlight: StemCiTerra, LLC

Posted on February 17th, 2017 by in Pharma R&D

Stem cells

StemCiTerra, LLC is a small American start-up with a mission to make cancer treatments more effective. The company’s President & CSO, Lyubov Ostrovska, Ph.D., chats about their research.
What does StemCiTerra do?

The company develops stem cell-based medical treatment that makes tumors more sensitive to other therapies.

Tell us about the company’s background and what it aims to achieve.

StemCiterra is a small life science company developing the medical treatment that can increase effectiveness and reduce toxicity of cancer therapy. The aim is to improve the outcome of cancer therapy, patient survival, and quality of life.

Why is this research so important? What impact will it have on the industry?

StemCiTerra develops the method that solves the main problem in oncology: increasing the sensitivity ratio between tumor and normal tissue. It can make other therapies, including radio- , chemo-, immuno-, and gene therapy, more effective, and it provides additional opportunities for industry development.
Why does this research matter right now?

There is a significant medical need for the methods and technologies improving cancer therapies.

What will the next steps for the company be?

StemCiTerra has a pending patent. IP protection is its highest priority now.

Are you currently looking for partners or investment?

The company is looking for business partners and investment to develop the method and to move it through the regulatory process and clinical trials as fast as possible.

To get in contact with Lyubov Ostrovska, or to follow StemCiTerra:





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