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To streamline early discovery, a cross-disciplinary, data-driven workflow process is key

Posted on February 23rd, 2018 by in Pharma R&D


“Complex” is the term that best describes the conditions that affect us. Whether it’s a disease or a consequence of a natural process such as aging, there are no simple fixes. For researchers, targeting a substance that combats the condition requires a deep dive into the literature followed by extensive experimentation with input from a cross-disciplinary team with a profound understanding of all the factors in play.

It is critical to have the right tools at every step – tools to crunch and merge data from diverse sources, facilitate cross-disciplinary communication about terminology, avoid redundancy, and speed discovery. That’s why a skin research institute headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, turned to Elsevier’s suite of database and visualization solutions to discover skin-aging targets and the active natural ingredients that modulate them.

Using Pathway Studio® and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry®, the R&D team was able to identify several patentable candidates within six months – half the usual time for such analytical work.

To achieve this, the team rapidly merged input from both systems biology and chemistry into their novel workflow, and used Reaxys® dynamic modeling to assess the results – candidate compounds that impact signs of skin aging – for drug-ability and assay feasibility.

To increase the candidate target success rate, they evaluated multiple potential targets in parallel using Pathway Studio®. They then turned again to Reaxys® to investigate combinations of active ingredients and various product formulations that might enhance outcomes. Rapid access to the relevant data also enabled toxicity testing, allowing the team to predict potential negative side effects early on.

Overall, using Pathway Studio® and Reaxys® reduced discovery and development time, risk and costs while improving success rates for target selection, treatment efficacy, and safety. More advanced testing on the final product is underway.

Read the case study to learn more.


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