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An Update from Myelo: Expanding Our Team and Evaluating Data

Posted on December 14th, 2016 by in Pharma R&D

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The focus of our current non-clinical research at Myelo Therapeutics is to fully elucidate the mode of action for prevention of myelosuppression as well as Myelo001’s antiviral capabilities. But to achieve this goal, it’s important to have highly skilled and motivated personnel within your team. That’s why we recently recruited a postdoctoral researcher, starting in 2017, with extensive knowledge of working with mouse models of human haematopoiesis. Additionally, screening studies on the mode of action of Myelo001 are currently being conducted, which serve as basis for upcoming in-depth molecular research.

With every step in our research, a constant evaluation of the current data is necessary. This not only applies for data generated within Myelo Therapeutics, but specifically also for the whole field of oncology and haematology and the meaning of newly published data for our development. We have been using a combination of PubMed (out of habit), along with Elsevier’s Scopus and Embase databases. We have found that PubMed delivers, due to our knowledge of how to search to find the results we are looking for, most rapidly. However, especially in detailed analysis of a certain topic, we almost immediately switch to Scopus or Embase to get more results overall, as well as a suite of filtering tools to narrow it down to a selection of interesting publications.

Although we have not yet gotten around to digging deeper into some of Elsevier’s other solutions like PharmaPendium, Reaxys, and Pathway Studio, we are sure to do so in the first quarter of 2017, when we will really start delving into our data that we are currently producing.  We are excited to have the chance of working with Elsevier’s software solutions (and have also appreciated the training that’s come along with it), and we are very much looking forward to analyzing all of that collected data with tools like Pathway Studio in the new year.

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