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In pharmacovigilance, effective search strings are key

Posted on February 9th, 2018 by in Pharmacovigilance


A key component of any pharmacovigilance strategy is building search strings that successfully identify potential adverse events, which must be reported to regulatory agencies. If the query returns too narrow a result set, adverse events may be missed. If the results are too broad, PV teams are inundated with information that must be reviewed and filtered down to find the answers, wasting precious time and resources.

Many drug manufacturers rely on outside companies to perform their literature monitoring. But outsourcing this critical work doesn’t always free up the internal resources it’s intended to. A major generic drug manufacturer that was already outsourcing its literature monitoring still had to devote enormous amounts of time to creating and testing effective search strings. In fact, it would take the team up to two weeks to create a search string and, if errors were discovered in its results, they’d have to start over. They needed a solution for developing highly accurate search strings quickly and efficiently.

The company discovered Embase, Elsevier’s comprehensive biomedical literature database, and its PV Wizard query builder tool, which drastically reduces the time needed to develop effective search strings. The dedicated tool for pharmacovigilance search string creation includes pre-defined parameters so users can quickly select what they need. The company’s PV team now use PV Wizard every day to perform a wide range of searches. While they admit they can’t quantify the amount of time and money they’ve saved from using PV Wizard, they are certain it’s enormous.

Overall, with Embase, the team has more confidence in their literature monitoring. As a result, they convinced their organization to bring all of the screening activity back in-house because they were so confident about their ability to remain compliant.

Read the case study to learn more.


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