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What Are Best Practices in Literature Monitoring for Top-performing Pharma Companies?

Posted on June 14th, 2017 by in Pharmacovigilance

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The health and safety of patients is of utmost concern to pharmaceutical companies, and strict regulatory requirements ensure that safety standards remain high. But pharmacovigilance becomes an ever more difficult and overwhelming practice as the amount of literature and data continues to increase. While scientific literature remains a reliable and crucial source for adverse events, successfully monitoring is becoming a greater challenge.

So what are today’s top companies doing differently to find ADRs quickly and comprehensively? What practices have they discovered to help them screen the growing deluge of literature? Are they facing common challenges and obstacles?

We at Elsevier are looking for the answers to questions such as these so that we can put together a report that examines the role of literature monitoring in the practices of the industry’s leading pharmacovigilance groups. That’s why we need you. By participating in our anonymous, 15-minute survey, you can help us create this report – and we will send participants a free copy of our key findings this summer.

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