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4P Pharma and Elsevier Life Sciences Collaborate in “the Hive” to Propel Discovery Forward

Posted on April 15th, 2019 by in The Hive

Co-developing drug candidates to license to big pharma

Elsevier’s R&D solutions help 4P-Pharma move drug candidates forward to early-phase human trials

Elsevier launched The Hive program in 2016 to help boost early-stage drug discovery and development. In 2018, 4P-Pharma was welcomed into this innovative program due to its intriguing approach to drug development and dedication to creating an ecosystem of innovation. 4P’s strategy is to evaluate drugs in the areas of oncology, neurology and inflammation already under development at academic institutions, small biotechs, and French technology transfer acceleration companies and then among these, select projects for co-development partnerships.

Drug development programs at small biotechs and academic labs often depend on investments from larger pharma companies to succeed. However, these smaller players often lack funds and expertise to develop drugs to the critical stage needed to secure investments. 4P-Pharma works closely with the researchers of the projects it pursues. 4P-Pharma independently confirms a drug’s therapeutic potential and in vitro results, finding potential funders and investors, and assisting with early-phase clinical trials. In this way, 4P supports bridging the gap between early-stage drug development and clinical trials. Thereby they de-risk drug candidates for larger pharmaceutical companies, so they are more likely to license and fund large-scale clinical trials.

As a small biotech with limited resources, 4P-Pharma’s success hinges on the ability to be precise about the decisions it makes regarding the drug candidates it selects for co-development and the exact experiments its staff performs to determine drug suitability.  To help meet these challenges, 4P’s team uses PharmaPendium to make well-informed risk-benefit analyses decisions quickly, which is further detailed in the link.
4P also uses Embase, a highly versatile and multipurpose biomedical research data base to design clinical studies, for example, for a stimulant abuse deterrent that they are co-developing using the solution.

From here, we dive deeper into how 4P has leveraged the Elsevier solutions in two separate case studies that highlight the importance of sophisticated technology in the acceleration of the R&D process.

Embase case study

PharmaPendium case study

Nicki Catchpole

Nicki’s role as a Senior Manager, Segment Marketing at Elsevier applies her skills to the area of drug discovery and development in the Pharma and Biotech industry.
Nicki manages Elsevier’s “The Hive,” which is a marketing and partnership consortium of biotech companies, enabling companies like 4P to leverage Elsevier solutions to further their efforts in groundbreaking drug development discoveries.
Nicki resides in New York City and holds a BA in English Literature and Mandarin Chinese from Carleton College in Northfield, MN.

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