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Introducing the Hive’s newest class of innovative start-ups

Posted on February 14th, 2018 by in The Hive

The hive

In 2017, Elsevier introduced a new program called The Hive, an innovation initiative for biotech and pharmaceutical start-ups committed to promoting collaboration and inspiration across the Pharma & Life Sciences industry.

The goal of The Hive is to help foster the discoveries that happen in these early-stage start-up environments, ensuring that the route to market for new innovations is accelerated. During the first year of the program, four companies participated; each was given access to Elsevier’s tools and information solutions to power their efforts. We’re excited to announce that the second iteration of The Hive has now launched, and the latest group of participants – including start-ups working on a range of technologies and discoveries, from AI to immunotherapy – is even larger and more diverse than before.

This year’s participants were selected from over 150 applicants. This was more than three times the number of applications received for the first iteration of the program, underlining the importance that start-ups place on the role of discovery solutions in innovation. Our newest participants, 4P-Pharma, Beacon Discovery, Exscientia, LegoChem Biosciences (the first company from Asia to join), Sigilon Therapeutics and Unum Therapeutics, stood out for their commitment to cutting-edge science in emerging areas of research. All six demonstrate significant potential to impact how future treatments are researched and developed.

As members of The Hive, each company will receive support, complimentary training and access to Elsevier’s broad range of information tools for 18 months. Elsevier’s suite of R&D Solutions fuel research and decision-making in early-stage drug discovery and development, and are used by most of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies. The products that The Hive participants will be using include: Pathway Studio™, Reaxys®, Reaxys® Medicinal Chemistry, ScienceDirect, Scopus, PharmaPendium®, and Embase®.

As Dr. Revital Rattenbach, CEO and Co-Founder of 4P-Pharma shared, “Access to Elsevier’s tools and information sources via The Hive will increase efficiency of our team’s research and development, and provide a boost in enabling us to achieve our goal of developing a new blockbuster drug.” 

Again this year, The Hive will strive to engage the global pharma community via content featuring the participants, which will be widely-promoted throughout Elsevier’s online and social networks. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll begin to introduce the stories of these six new members of The Hive, sharing some of their first-hand experiences of working in drug discovery and development. While learning from their insights, we’ll show support for these small, early-stage startup organizations that are central to the larger pharma and biotech ecosystem of innovation and collaboration – the same ecosystem central to sustaining (and growing) the industry’s ability to address areas of unmet medical need. Join us by registering now to follow the real stories and real science that define The Hive.

Learn more by visiting The Hive.


All opinions shared in this post are the author’s own.

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