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Patrick C. May, PH.D.

Patrick C. May, PH.D.

President at ADvantage Neuroscience Consulting LLC

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About the author:

Dr. May is an independent pharmaceutical consultant focusing on drug discovery in Alzheimer’s disease and related neurodegenerative diseases. He retired from Eli Lilly and Co. in 2014 as a Senior Research Fellow in the Neuroscience Discovery Research area. During his 25 year career at Lilly, he helped to build and establish one of industry’s leading Alzheimer’s disease drug discovery programs. Together with his discovery colleagues, he has delivered numerous candidates for clinical testing in AD and other neurologic disorders and cancer. He has authored or co-authored over 100 research articles and book chapters and has chaired and/or served on biomedical peer review panels for the Alzheimer’s Association, NIA AD Drug Discovery UO1 SEP, the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, the European Centers of Excellence for Neurodegeneration, and Weston Brain Institute. Since retiring from Lilly, Dr. May founded ADvantage Neuroscience Consulting LLC in order to offer his unique perspective to drug discovery efforts in academia and pharma. In his free time he enjoys traveling, playing piano and golf.

Posts by Patrick C. May, PH.D.

The Election 2016: A Scientist Reflects

Posted on November 15th, 2016 in Pharma R&D

Like many of my science colleagues in the U.S., I was gobsmacked by the outcome of the presidential election last Tuesday. With some exceptions, most of my academic and industry colleagues were supporting the Clinton campaign in the general election. Continue reading “The Election 2016: A Scientist Reflects” »

A Small Change with Big Implications for Alzheimer’s Research

Posted on October 14th, 2016 in Pharma R&D

Many an undergrad biochemistry student is challenged to remember the difference between the amino acids valine and isoleucine. They differ by a single methyl group in their side chains Continue reading “A Small Change with Big Implications for Alzheimer’s Research” »

Is a new Alzheimer’s disease drug in the offing?

Posted on September 23rd, 2016 in Pharma R&D

A high profile paper describing a prospective new therapy for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) was being shared around the internet recently. The paper, “The antibody aducanumab reduces Ab plaques in Alzheimer’s disease,” authored by Sevigny et al., was published on-line in Nature (Sevigny et al., 2016) and describes the preclinical and early clinical development of aducanumab, Continue reading “Is a new Alzheimer’s disease drug in the offing?” »

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