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Rosalind Sankey

Rosalind Sankey

Senior Product Manager, Reaxys

About the author: Rosalind is a Senior Product Manager for Reaxys based in Frankfurt, Germany. In her current role, Rosalind is focused on understanding the ongoing challenges of a modern researcher, with the overall aim of developing information solutions that help them effectively innovate, particularly in the field of drug discovery and development. Before joining Elsevier, Rosalind obtained a Ph.D. at the University of Bristol and then worked as a Senior Scientist at a Drug Discovery CRO (Sygnature Discovery).

Posts by Rosalind Sankey

Webinar: Accelerating drug discovery by building and turning high-quality data into actionable insights

Posted on April 6th, 2020 in Chemistry

Drug discovery is a time-consuming and costly process (and all the more costly because itโ€™s time-consuming). One of the hopes of the era of Big Data has been that having access to a wealth of scientific information could help speed the discovery process. However, the data itself has proven to come with many challenges. Medicinal chemists like myself are often frustrated in our attempts to integrate and work with disparate and unstructured sets of data.