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A Systems Thinking Approach for Pharma

Posted on May 21st, 2020 by in Chemistry

Systems thinking asks scientists to look at the bigger picture and take a more holistic approach to their work. Systems thinkers consider how their field of study might relate to other disciplines, and how their research might inform or benefit from the broader knowledge stream. 

In modern medicinal chemistry, systems thinking has become an absolute necessity due to the nature of the drug development process. Chemists, biologists, doctors, mathematicians, physicists and other scientists work collaboratively through partnerships and initiatives that combine the resources of academia, government, research organizations, hospitals and commercial business—all in a combined effort to develop effective new medicines.

This means systems thinking is critical for the pharmaceutical industry. To thrive, pharma companies can’t just stay insulated and try to “do their own thing” in the same way that they always have. Welcoming new collaborators, integrating new systems and adopting new technologies are all part of embracing the systems thinking approach.

In my upcoming webinar, titled “Chemistry Data for Systems Thinkers,” I will discuss how to take a system approach to creating new chemistry knowledge, how to translate knowledge into useful applications, and how to be prepared to take on our current global crisis.

Among the relevant topics that will be included:

  • Systematic integration of biological and chemical data

  • AI-ready data for synthesis route designs and prediction
  • Best practices for the pharma industry and education system
  • Practical examples of using system thinking (e.g. digitization of chemistry knowledge in pharma, data readiness in green chemistry, responding to COVID-19 using conscientious data excerption from literature)

While mounting piles of data and information silos can make it a challenge to embrace a systems thinking approach to pharma, it is fast becoming a necessity to do so. Companies that adopt the mindset, strategies and tools that enable big-picture thinking will be better able to innovate and succeed.

The free “Chemistry Data for Systems Thinkers” webinar is coming up on May 26. Learn more and register here.

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