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ACS San Diego Focuses on Computers + Chemistry

Posted on March 10th, 2016 by in Chemistry


As I write this I am getting ready to travel to the 251st ACS National Meeting in San Diego, which starts this Sunday, March 13. I look forward to this year’s event which focuses on a theme that really resonates with me. Kenneth Merz, Jr., San Diego Thematic Program Chair for ACS notes that¬†this year’s meeting:

…will showcase¬†the impact and role of Computers in Chemistry. Computers have had a transformative effect on the chemical sciences impacting areas from data acquisition and storage to the design of novel materials. With the ever-increasing performance of computers in terms of networking, central processing unit (CPU) performance to data storage capabilities the role of computers and computation in our common field of Chemistry will continue to grow in the coming years.

Indeed, computers have had transformative effects on the chemistry field. With the available scientific research data doubling every few years, the need for solutions that take all that content and provide an additional layer of search accessibility and decision-support capabilities is very high in research-intensive spaces, especially in the chemistry domain. More data is good only if researchers can make sense of it, and use it to advance their research. Digital information solutions that provide reliable data alongside semantic, comparative and predictive analytics capabilities are the future of chemistry information research solutions.

I look forward to seeing many of you in¬†San Diego and learning more about the latest chemistry research and technologies. If you have the chance, stop by the Elsevier booth (#235) where we are showcasing the latest and greatest about Reaxys (including our new ReactionFlash mobile app) or consider attending one of my Elsevier colleagues’¬†talks, which all touch upon the use of technology-driven solutions and approaches to navigating scientific data:

Predicting adverse drug events using literature-based pathway analysis

  • Timothy Hoctor, VP Life Science Services, Elsevier R&D Solutions and James Rinker, WuXi Company
  • Tuesday, March 15, 2016 from 10:50 am to 11:10 am
  • Room 24C – San Diego Convention Center

Combining semantic triples across domains to identify new and novel relationships and knowledge

  • Matthew Clark, Elsevier R&D Solutions Life Sciences
  • Tuesday, March, 15, 2016 from 3:35 PM – 3:55 PM
    Room 24C – San Diego Convention Center

Helping people navigate the changing seas of scientific information

  • David Evans, Scientific Affairs Director, Reed Elsevier
  • Wednesday, March, 16, 2016 from 3:30 PM – 3:55 PM
    Room 25B – San Diego Convention Center

See you in San Diego!


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