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Overcoming Commercial, Technical & Regulatory Challenges in Drug Discovery

Posted on August 16th, 2017 by in Chemistry


R&D departments find themselves having to work with budgets that seem to get tighter all the time. One of the best ways of ensuring that investments are used on projects with the greatest probability of success is to discover as early as possible when a project is not going anywhere and halt it.

“ScienceDirect is very important to drug discovery and development. There isn’t a scientist I’ve worked with who don’t tap almost daily into this information source. It has an impact on almost every drug that comes to market. ”
—Ken Balthis, Senior Executive Director

By turning to the literature across all disciplines in one place, R&D teams can look at other studies to glean insights that will help them make the best decisions and avoid making mistakes. A Senior Executive Director explains how ScienceDirect gives his team access to peer-reviewed scientific literature as they work to identify new technologies.

ScienceDirect helps determine a drug’s technical and commercial feasibility by providing access to relevant studies and data, as well as improve the likelihood of regulatory approval. ScienceDirect proves to be one of the most ‘go to’ information sources for his team’s success—helping to improve the viability and commercial success rates of new and innovative drugs in their R&D pipeline.

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