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Dr. Anton Yuryev discusses pathways and precision medicine at PMWC

Posted on January 16th, 2020 by in Pharma R&D

Why is pathway and molecular signaling critical for precision medicine? Dr. Anton Yuryev, Consulting Director of Professional Services at Elsevier, will be addressing that question and more in a presentation at the Precision Medicine World Conference in Silicon Valley this month.

Dr. Yuryev, who has years of experience in bioinformatics, data science and the life sciences, will be discussing the fact that quite often the problem that researchers face is not a lack of druggable targets, but too many drugs available for an active target. Furthermore, cancer pathways often contain multiple active targets. So, the question becomes: Which drug is best to use?

Cancer hallmark pathways can be used to find drugs for personalized cancer treatment; they make it possible find the drugs with the best efficacy and to optimize combinatorial therapy. And Elsevier’s own Pathway Studio is a valuable solution that provides a source for cancer hallmark pathways collections.

To learn more about how pathways drive precision medicine, join the session Cutting Edge Precision Oncology at Community Hospital at PMWC (it’s part of Track 4: Molecular Profiling – From Research to Clinic) on January 24 from 4:15pm to 4:45pm. Dr. Yuryev will be introducing Elsevier’s biomedical knowledge graph (created with the help of Elsevier’s Deep Reading technology) and its applications for personalized medicine during the presentation.

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