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Inside the Incubators of Innovation

Posted on February 15th, 2017 by in Pharma R&D

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2017 is well under way, and Arctic Pharma has big plans for the year. For one thing, we will be focused on submitting our provisional patents. We will also be working on performing toxicology studies on our best compounds. Furthermore, we hope to be performing a small animal study using our compounds to test their effects on mouse tumor burden.

We’re fortunate to be doing this work in one of the best possible research environments, the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park & Incubator, which is an oncology research and industry cluster where developing new cancer diagnostics and medicines is the top priority. Here we are surrounded by dozens of organizations involved with cancer R&D, from university hospitals and academic researchers to support groups to pharma companies and biotech start-ups like ourselves. It’s an inspiring place to be pursuing the development of our own innovative anti-cancer drugs.

Inside the lab, we are continuing to benefit from being a part of The Hive, itself a kind of “incubator” which provides us with access to Elsevier’s R&D Solutions. We are using the Reaxys database to search for new chemical reactions and structures, and we have found that it’s great using it in conjunction with ScienceDirect to look for relevant literature. Reaxys is a good tool to use to look for reactions when making a new compound, for example, and also if we are looking to gather information on how to synthesize it. Reaxys is also helpful to use when our chemical synthesis procedures don’t work, because it can provide alternative procedures that are currently available.

Additionally, we use Reaxys to perform structure searches to determine if a compound we are synthesizing is commercially available and/or is covered by a patent. In this way, we’ve appreciated that being in The Hive has made it easier for us to gain valuable science and business insights – both of which are critical to advancing innovative research today.

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