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Organizational Evolution: Balancing Exploration & Development

Posted on April 26th, 2017 by in Pharma R&D

Elsevier Reset Therapies 27

Rubius Therapeutics had an extraordinary 2016. We were able to dramatically progress our work on the technology platform (where we expanded the number of different ways that we can express proteins), on our manufacturing process (where we were able to scale up) and in R&D (expanding the portfolio and qualifying lead therapeutic candidates).

Success was driven by a belief in the technology, hard work, a strong team-based culture, and a passion to bring transformational therapies to patients. That said, serendipity also plays a large part in the growth of any biotechnology firm and there are some applications of our technology that have worked beyond our wildest expectations. As such we are in the process of significantly expanding our portfolio of pre-clinical leads.

We’re excited about 2017. This year we transition from a focus on technical exploration to creating a balance between technology platform development and lead candidate selection. We will still be leaning heavily on tools like Pathway Studio, Embase and ScienceDirect, in order to support basic research. However, PharmaPendium in particular has proven to be increasingly useful and important as we have gotten closer to finalizing lead candidate(s) development planning. The ability to tap into tightly aggregated and ontologically coherent information is critical when existential decisions are being made extraordinarily quickly, so we’re very glad to have access to these Elsevier assets as we work towards achieving this year’s goals.

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