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The 10 most talked-about journal articles about Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted on August 2nd, 2016 by in Pharma R&D


The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference just wrapped up in Toronto, Canada (Patrick May was there and will be writing all about it). In honor of the conference, here is a list of Alzheimer’s-related journal articles that were most-talked about in the last month in social media, blogs, and news coverage.

  1. An individual with human immunodeficiency virus, dementia, and central nervous system amyloid deposition
  2. Tau immunotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Ketones block amyloid entry and improve cognition in an Alzheimer’s model
  4. Cognitive deficits in single App knock-in mouse models
  5. 2016 Alzheimer’s disease facts and figures
  6. Mice are not Men: ADAM30 Findings Emphasize a Broader Look Towards Murine Alzheimer’s Disease Models
  7. The role of the drebrin/EB3/Cdk5 pathway in dendritic spine plasticity, implications for Alzheimer’s disease
  8. ADAM30 Downregulates APP-Linked Defects Through Cathepsin D Activation in Alzheimer’s Disease
  9. The blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer’s disease
  10. Sorting Out Presenilins in Alzheimer’s Disease

Discover all these articles and more on ScienceDirect.


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