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Unifying Data Standards to Promote Innovation

Posted on January 5th, 2018 by in Pharma R&D


Imagine that you are spending your days as a researcher in the life sciences, trying to use your skills, expertise and determination to do innovative, potentially life-saving work, but then you keep getting bogged down by the “busy work” of having to clean up data. Without universal data standards, scientists are often spending entirely too much of their time dealing with the frustrations of incompatible data. And the problem frequently keeps companies from sharing the sort of pre-competitive data that could aid the industry as a whole.

The Pistoia Alliance, a non-profit comprised of pharma firms, academic institutions, publishers and experts, believes that a rising tide lifts all boats, and as such has been looking for ways to share resources for the advancement of the global research community. The practical difficulties of data-sharing between life science companies and institutions has been such a problem, so Elsevier recently donated the Unified Data Model (UDM) that it has been developing to The Alliance. While the UDM is not a panacea, the hope is that it can provide a helpful starting point for companies.

This article in Pharmaceutical Technology Focus to learn more about Elsevier’s collaboration with The Pistoia Alliance. Discover how the UDM was first developed and what it can potentially do to help the industry better navigate data challenges and accelerate the drug discovery process.

Read the article here.

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