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Taking a Balanced Approach to Monitoring Literature

Posted on September 11th, 2017 by in Pharmacovigilance


In a time when the focus on pharmacovigilance is greater than ever before, literature monitoring presents pharmaceutical companies with significant challenges. Pharmacovigilance groups are looking for ways to efficiently and cost-effectively manage an increasing workload while remaining compliant with regulatory best practices.

Outsourcing literature management allows companies to meet growing demands and fulfill their regulatory obligations without the need to retain full-time staff, thus reducing their spending on recruitment, training and management efforts. However, this is not without risks.

An in-house software solution can help companies manage the in-house and offsite workflows, providing a detailed audit trail to support audits and inspections. Therefore, an outsourced model used in conjunction with an in-house literature monitoring tool can enable companies to overcome literature search challenges by allowing for improved oversight, increasing efficiency and providing greater flexibility in managing workload.

Read the white paper to learn more: Handling Challenges with Literature Monitoring for Pharmacovigilance: Balancing Outsourcing with an In-House Solution.

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